Galway Early Music Festival
MAY 22-24, 2020

Music, Language & Migration: Ireland & Europe (working title) 

2020 will be the 25th Galway Early Music Festival and in the same year Galway will be Cultural Capital of Europe.  Although we are not funded by Galway 2020, we will be part of the range of events of this very special year and our theme is in keeping with the Galway 2020 theme.

Medieval Ireland had a musical culture deeply embedded in its social organization, but new forms of music arriving with missionaries, invaders & traders had a profound influence as well.  Irish musicians also travelled to England & the Continent, continuing the musical exchange with Europe.  The concerts, workshops & exhibitions in the 2020 festival will explore this two-way musical fertilisation from the 12th to the 18th century, as well as exploring how this historical perspective can inform today’s experience.

More news to come . . .



Festival Audience Comments:

Great atmosphere, great music & lovely setting

Galway has a tremendous buzz and the festival has terrific organisation
Planned our Ireland trip so we could attend.