The Great Bronze Horns and Trumpets of the 1st Millennium BC
and the legend of the Táin Bó Fraích

Ancient Music Ireland: Simon O’Dwyer and Maria Cullen O’Dwyer

Celebrating thirty Years of Ancient Music Ireland 1988 – 2018

In this exhibition, Ancient Music Ireland brings descriptions of the legends portrayed in the Táin bó Fraích to life using a display of suspended and accessible horns and trumpets dating from the first millennium BC to the time of Christ in Ireland and Britain.  This collection of reproductions of original instruments, made from cast and sheet bronze, was made by and for Ancient Music Ireland over a period of 30 years from 1988 to 2018.  The original research and composition that has been produced from this collection of instruments is ground-breaking and incomparable in the modern world.

Ancient Music Ireland’s 30th anniversary of discovery and awakening will be celebrated at The Galway Early Music Festival 2018.  Brass players and interested parties are invited to play a Bronze Age horn or a great Iron Age trumpet.  These impressive musical instruments give us an exceptional visual and acoustic view into the first millennium BC.