The route is shown on t he 1642 map of Galway .  Galway’s streetscape has not changed, although many buildings are gone or changed.  Unfortunately, the walls and gates of the city are all gone except for small sections which you see at number 1 (the port) and number 11 (The town Wall).  Williamsgate is no longer standing, so you have to use your imagination at that point!  The Hall of the Red Earl was already a ruin by the time the 1642 map was made.  Click on the map to go to a larger version.

  1. Galway Port
  2. The Fishmarket
  3. Blake’s Castle
  4. The Hall of  the Red Earl
  5. The Kings Head Pub
  6.  St Nicholas’ Market
  7. St Nicholas Collegiate Church
  8. Lynch’s Castle
  9. Williamsgate
  10. The Tourney Field (Eyre Square)
  11. The Town Wall

Visit the National University of Ireland Galway, Library’s project 17th-century map of Galway City, which zooms into detailed views of this map, and gives historical and archeological information about specific sites in the city.