Songs and Dance Music from Sixteenth Century Europe, performed by the York Waits,
with Deborah Catterall, singer.

Drawing on sources from England, Ireland, the Low Countries, France and Italy, the programme explores the many styles of courtly and more rustic dance music that could be heard at all social gatherings. Pavans, Almandes, Galliards, Basse Dances and Branles will be performed on the stirring combination of shawms, sackbuts and curtals, with the enchanting great consort of recorders providing a delicate contrast in tone. Bagpipes and hurdy gurdy reflect the love of drone instruments during this age, with fiddle, guitar, and pipe and tabor enlivening the music. The songs reflect the themes of love, drink and merriment, culminating in a celebration of Will Kemp, erstwhile fool at Shakespeare’s theatre, who performed a Morris dance from London to Norwich.

€18 / €14 concession / €6 full-time students