Get yourself a glass of wine, a beer, coffee, tea or whatever your fancy is and join us for our post-concert Festival Club, where you’ll be able to say hello to friends and meet the musicians.

We have organised two Festival Club nights:

FRIDAY 21 MAY, 9:30 pm

After the Irish Consort’s concert, Saints, Heroes and Kings: Three hundred years of music across cultures in Ireland, we have a very special event during the Club:  The launch of The Irish Consort’s debut CD, Music, Ireland and the Sixteenth Century. The CD will be launched by Dr. Axel Klein, Research Associate of the Research Foundation for Music in Ireland (RFMI), and honorary Corresponding Member of the Society for Musicology in Ireland (SMI).

In the 1530s, King Henry VIII of England formed a new administration in Ireland to reinvigorate the English hegemony of the previous 350 years: his courtiers replace Irish-born Old English lord in key positions and the confiscation of land for English settlers began in earnest. Away from the tawdry business of conquest, the New English in Ireland sang and played viols, lutes and keyboard instruments. enamoured of the mesmerising sound of the early Irish harp — the apogee of Gaelic musical culture — the aristocratic colonists also employed Irish harpers and even brought them back home with them when their periods of office in Ireland came to an end.  This CD explores the sound world of 16th-century Ireland in the wider context of contemporaneous English music.

The CD is now available to buy here . You can also stream the recording, and download it here .

Included with the recording is a 24-page booklet of comprehensive notes about the music and sources, plus lyrics and translations.

Check out video footage of the actual recording process:

This is a GREAT recording. Indispensable! – Axel Klein, musicologist.


SATURDAY 22 MAY, 9:30 pm

Join us after Passage beyond. the Sea: Songs of the Crusades for conversation and discussion about this fascinating and thought provoking programme.  The musicians will be with us to answer your questions.