We are proud to promote instrument makers in Ireland who specialise in early instruments such as lute, flute, harp, violin, and symphonium. Come along and see beautiful handmade instruments, talk to the makers, and hear what the instruments sound like.

In addition to the makers, Simon O’Dwyer of Prehistoric Music Ireland will be displaying his reproductions of the great horns of Ireland and his newest reproduction of the Bray pipes.  Don’t miss his talk at 3pm!

Instrument Makers Featured

Prehistoric  Music Ireland – reproductions and research on the playing of Ireland’s pre-historic instruments by Simon and Maria O’Dwyer

Prehistoric Music Ireland was established in the late 1980s, when an experimental reconstruction of a Bronze Age horn led to the establishment of the world’s first institution dedicated to the study, reproduction and exploration of prehistoric musical instruments. Prehistoric Music Ireland’s ongoing research has led to a blossoming of understanding of a variety of previously silent instruments ranging from wooden pipes, bronze horns, bone whistles, war trumpas and early reed horns.

Callura Harps – Metal-strung harps handmade in Ireland by Paul Dooley

Callura Harps offers a variety of high quality instruments, catering for beginners, enthusiasts and professional players alike. Entry level models feature one-piece laminated birch frames, while retaining essential elements of the medieval Irish harp design, such as its one-piece sound box and string scaling. At the other end of the spectrum, reproductions of surviving harps and custom designs are constructed to the highest standard using native timbers and strung with historical alloys.

Paul Dooley has been playing, making and researching the Irish harp in its historical form since the early 1980s. He holds a PhD from the University of Limerick and his work to date has led to significant advancements in our understanding of this iconic instrument. In addition to the issues of tuning and temperament for the medieval harp, his more recent research focuses on string manufacturing techniques.


Ériu Harps

Natalie Surina is based in Oughterard, Co Galway and specialises in reproductions of early Irish harps that have survived, such as the Trinity College harp (once called the Brian Boru harp) and the Downhill Harp (now in the Guinness Storehouse).

She also makes European early harps, such as the bray harp, and restores modern Irish harps.

Natalie also plays the early Irish harp – so do ask her to demonstrate her harps!


Paul Doyle

Paul Doyle Luthier, Galway

Paul Doyle has been making high-quality, hand-crafted musical instruments for over 30 years. Based in Galway City in the West of Ireland, Paul specialises in creating his individual styles of harps, guitars, mandolins, bouzoukis, mandolas (among others) for customers throughout the world. Paul has a particular interest in early guitars and lutes.