Simon Chadwick

A Historical Harp Society of Ireland Discovery Day 2021 event in association with Galway Early Music Festival.

Starting with the 19th-century harper. Patrick Byrne, the last of the Irish harpers to play the brass strung  instrument of the indigenous Irish tradition, Simon takes us on a journey back to the possibly 14th-century Trinity College Harp and earlier, discovering references, images and other clues to the music, the instruments and the harpers of this very special tradition. First presented 22.02.20 at Cultúrlann McAdam Ó Fiach, Belfast.
This video is available now and throughout the festival until May 30.

Simon is widely acknowledged to be one of the most important international experts on the history and traditions of the early Irish harp, helping to spearhead the current revival. In mid 2018, he relocated from Scotland and now lives in Armagh, where he researches, teaches and performs the ancient native music traditions of Scotland, Ireland and neighbouring countries. As well as giving talks and presentations, until recently Simon documented his research on his information website,, the pre-eminent published source of information on the early Gaelic harp and its traditions. He now presents his research work on his blog at Simon has published a pair of tutor books outlining the historical tradition, a book on advanced playing techniques, and articles in the scholarly journals Early Music, and the Galpin Society Journal.