Free Online video workshops
From December 7

Helen Hancock

These workshops are designed for complete beginners!  All you need is a soprano recorder (plastic is fine) and patience with yourself.

The carol that Helen is teaching is Gaudete, Gaudete, Christus est Natus, which is found in a publication called Piae Cantiones, compiled by Theodoricus Petri, a Finnish student at the university in Rostoc and printed in 1582. It is a collection of Latin religious and school songs. Gaudete is one of the most famous of these songs, perhaps because it was recorded by Steel Eye Span in 1973!

Gaudete, Gaudete!Rejoice, rejoice!
Christus est natusChrist is born
Ex Maria virgineof Maria, virgin

The original has a burden, or chorus, in four parts.  Helen will teach the soprano part of the burden, and when you feel ready, you can play with all four parts to get the real ensemble experience.

You don’t have to know how to read music! Helen will teach the music ‘by ear’, introducing the notes and note names one by one. If you wish to have the music, you can download it HERE.

And if you try out these workshops, we would love feedback from you.  Please let us know what you found good and what we good improve on,  so we can offer more workshops in the future.


Introduction to Helen and the Workshops – Link live from December 7

Workshop 1: An introduction to holding and playing the recorder.  Learn all the notes for Gaudete.  – Link live from December 8

Workshop 2: Learning  Gaudete, phrase by phrase – Link Live December 9

Workshop 3: Play with the ensemble! – Link live from December 10

Gaudete Ensemble Sound File with one bar of four count-in. Three times through chorus.


Workshop 4: Troubleshooting and taking care of your recorder – available from December 11