The Gregory Walkers & Kelsey Schuhle
with Athenry Music School,  GEM Adult Ensemble, Work in Progress, GEM Dancers

In earlier times music was accepted to generally have two uses – to be sung or danced to. Italian musicians were often considered decadent when, in the 16th and 17th centuries, they conceived of new musical forms to serve as vehicles purely for beautiful sounds.

The Gregory Walkers have always relished dance music and in this concert they will join forces with dancer Kelsey Schuhle, as well as the Athenry School of Music, Galway Adult Strings Ensemble, and the Galway Early Music Ensemble, to perform music from some of the earliest sources of dance music – Playford’s The Dancing Master, Thoinot Arbeau’s Orchesographie and Bunting’s Collection of Ancient Irish Music.

This concert is the culmination of our Early Music for Young Musicians and Adult Workshops facilitated by The Gregory Walkers.  Always a lively and entertaining concert, it gives workshop participants a chance to play music that might have been heard in Galway, and to perform alongside one of Ireland’s finest early music ensembles.

€7 / children free