May 31st - June 9th

Galway Early Music Festival 2024

Edges of Empire

Galeon Ensemble

Artist Biography

In 2015, Vsevolod Sadovyi and Snezhana Rybalska founded the Galeon Ensemble, a project that intertwines the medieval codexes and danceries of the European Renaissance with the strong sound of reeds and percussion. With a postmodern sensibility, the ensemble combines a Scandinavian cool with the playfulness of Iberian Galicia and the nobility of Galicia Sarmatica. Heirs to wandering jugglers, forerunners of the parade Alta Capellas, travelers of cities, cultures and epochs, Galeon are now based in the welcoming and colorful port of Galway City. 

Snezhana Rybalska (Galician bagpipes, cornemus de beri, fiddle, flutes)

Founder and permanent member of the medieval theater group, Musica Radicum. From 2002, research includes early music and street theater in Vyborg Castle. Together with Musica Radicum, she staged the medieval plays "Life of St. Olaf" in 2003, "Knight Olaf and the Queen of Elves" in 2004, "Tamlin" and "Sir Galevin" in 2005. In 2007, the group recorded the album Worlde Blis Ne Laste in Lviv. She studied the traditional music of Europe, participated in the SKM (Early Peasants Music) ensemble. In 2015, she moved to Lviv and joined the Lviv Music Guild.

Vsevolod Sadovyi (tabor-pipe, tarotta, percussion)

Musician and researcher from Lviv, since 2001 Vsevolod has been a member of many ensembles and projects in the genres of alternative and electronic music. Since 2004, he has been exploring the heritage of early and traditional music of Europe with the projects of the ensembles Minstrels Leopolita, Ground Folk, Vita Nova, Gardarica, Laterna Magica, Vita Norda, Lemko Bluegrass Band and Kurbasy. In 2014, he co-founded the Lviv Music Guild.

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